Ibérico Pork | Presa Steak

Presa Steak
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Origin: Spain
Weight: Choose from 1.25 - 2.5lbs
Quantity: 1 package


Indulge in the pinnacle of gourmet dining with our Ibérico Presa Steak. Often likened to the "Wagyu" of pork, this cut offers a unique gastronomic adventure.


Hailing from Spain's picturesque landscapes, the Ibérico pork stands a cut above the rest. The presa steak is a prime selection from the animal's shoulder, known for its unmatched tenderness and distinct flavor profile.


Our Ibérico Presa is more than just meat; it's a testament to ethical farming. Nurtured on family-owned farms, these pigs experience a humane, crate-free life, living twice as long as industry standards dictate. This meticulous care ensures meat that's rich in Omega-9s, guaranteeing a taste that dances between nutty and umami with every bite.


When preparing your Ibérico Presa Steak, keep it simple. Its natural juiciness and tenderness shine brightest when cooked to medium. Both seasoned chefs and kitchen novices will appreciate the ease of preparation and the unparalleled flavor journey this presa steak provides.


With The Meatery, you're not just choosing a cut of meat; you're investing in a luxury dining experience underpinned by quality and ethical practices. Dive into the world of Ibérico pork and elevate your culinary adventures. 🥩✨

Presa Steak

Cooking Tip:

Crazy marbling best roasted in the oven or may we suggest sous vide with a smoker finish.

Pairs well with...

  • Refreshing wine like Chardonnay or Rosé
  • Aged whiskeys and rums
  • IPAs or American Pale Ales
  • Club Soda with Lime