Cooking with Mario - Authentic Aguachile Con Carne for Cinco De Mayo

By Nicholas Fiorentino

Huge thank you to Chef Mario from De La Torres for showing us how to make this Aguachile Tostada recipe with our Australian Wagyu Tasajo Steaks – Right in time for Cinco de Mayo! We really enjoyed the creativity of this recipe. Check out Mario's food truck at 495 Telegraph Canyon Road in Chula Vista, California.


For The Salsa

  1. Prepare the salsa by grinding 2 garlic cloves and a pinch of salt in a mortar and pestle together with 2 chile piquin peppers
  2. Slice a lime and squeeze its juice into the mortar and pestle. Pour in the soy sauce, Salsa Negra, Salsa Negra with Chile de Arbol, and Jugo Maggi (about 3 tablespoons or you can add more depending on your preference). Mix all ingredients together.
  3. Start heating the tostadas in the grill together with Habanero pepper. Slightly grill the Habanero pepper to add flavor to the salsa.
  4. Leave the four tostadas on the grill for a good 15-20 minutes or more until you feel that the tostadas are firm.  
  5. Take out the Habanero pepper from the grill and slice it in the middle. Take out its seeds to reduce the spiciness.

Chef Mario of De La Torre recommended not to peel off the skin of the grilled Habanero pepper as it adds flavor to the salsa. He also added that using a mortar and pestle is highly recommended over using a blender as the ingredients will mix better.

  1. Start chopping the sliced red onions and put them in a clean bowl.
  2. Slice the Serrano pepper in half and take out the seeds to remove its spice. Chop the Serrano pepper into small pieces and put them in the bowl.
  3. Chop the cilantro leaves and add them to the bowl together with other dry ingredients.
  4. Mix the salsa sauce and the dry ingredients together in the bowl. Add about two limes for additional flavor.
  5. Going back to your grill, start grilling the Fullblood Tasajo Stake together with tostadas. Keep in mind to keep the Fullblood Tasajo Stake away from the flame when grilling for the first minutes until reaching the desired internal temperature before grilling it over a flame. Alsoseason the Fullblood Tasajo Stake generously with salt while it’s being grilled.
  6. Optional: add cheese to the two tostadas while they are on the grill.
  7. Once the grilling is complete, take out the juice from the grilled Fullblood Tasajo Steak and pour it into the salsa sauce.
  8. Slice the Fullblood Tasajo Steak and place it in a bowl. Pour the salsa sauce over the steak and mix well.
  9. Slice an avocado. Place the Fullblood Tasajo Steak with salsa sauce on the tostadas and add the avocado on top. Add some extra salsa sauce on top for added flavor. Enjoy!

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