Australian Wagyu Pastrami Burgers

Australian Wagyu Pastrami Burgers

By Nicholas Fiorentino

If you're looking for something delicious, fast, and easy look no further than these succulent burgers topped with our insane Pastrami.




Create your spread by mixing equal parts of ketchup and mayonnaise with chopped pickles to your liking. In our video we used a heavier amount of pickles, adjust to your taste.

Grill your burger patties. In our video we grilled the patties for approximately 7 minutes for a Medium doneness

Heat your Pastrami in a pan (it is pre-cooked, and only needs to be heated up). Do not clean the pan just yet...

Toast your buns in that marvelous Pastrami fat 

Apply spread to buns

Place your cooked burgers and warmed pastrami on the bun along with any other toppings you want


We hope you enjoy this recipe, please let us know by commenting on our YouTube video if you'd like to see us cook anything else! As always, please also SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube!


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