USDA Choice | Ribeye

Two wonderfully marbled ribeyes
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Origin: USDA Choice
Weight per Portion: 10oz each steak
Quantity: 2 Ribeye Steaks

This offering includes two 10-ounce Ribeye steaks of USDA Choice grade, known for their high quality, tenderness, and rich flavor. USDA Choice is a distinguished grade that ensures a premium level of marbling, contributing to the steak's juiciness and taste. Each Ribeye steak promises a classic and indulgent steak experience, perfect for grilling or broiling. Ideal for those who appreciate the balance of flavor and texture in their steaks, this duo of USDA Choice Ribeye steaks is a testament to the excellence of American beef.


Two 10 oz Cuts

Pairs well with...

  • Full-Bodied wine such as a Shiraz or Bourdeaux
  • Japanese Whisky
  • Martinis
  • Old-Fashioned
  • Club Soda with Lime