Japanese A5 Wagyu | Ribeye

Certified Kobe Beef | BMS 12
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Origin: Japan
Prefecture: Kobe
Weight: 10-12oz
BMS: 12
Quantity: 1x 10-12oz Ribeye


Indulge in the epitome of culinary excellence with our A5 Kobe Beef Ribeye. This isn't just any steak—it's a kobe ribeye from the legendary Kobe region of Japan. Every bite of this kobe steak promises a melt-in-your-mouth experience, a testament to its unparalleled quality. 🥩✨


Our A5 Kobe Beef isn't just named for the region—it embodies the heritage and strict quality standards of kobe beef. Born and nurtured in the Hyogo prefecture, only the most superior cattle, raised under stringent guidelines, earn the honor of being labeled as a5 kobe beef. In 2020, out of thousands, only 5,500 made the cut, with just a fraction reaching US shores.


What makes this kobe ribeye so exceptional? The ribeye cut is located from the rib section of the cattle, known for its marbling, tenderness, and rich flavor profile. It's a favorite among chefs and steak enthusiasts for its succulent texture and taste. Commonly seared to perfection and served medium-rare, this steak is the star of any dish. 🍽️✨


To be part of the privileged few offering this delicacy, The Meatery underwent rigorous validation by the Kobe Beef Association. This rare beef isn't just a meal, but a journey—a taste of Japan's dedication to perfection and tradition. Our certification plaque is a badge of honor, displayed with pride at our Mission Gorge location.


Step up your culinary game. Experience the zenith of Wagyu with our Kobe Ribeye, and relish in a taste that's truly second to none.🥂🍴🇯🇵

Certified Kobe Beef

Ribeye I BMS 12 10-12oz

Pairs well with...

  • Younger Burgundy
  • High-tannin Cabernet
  • Japanese Whisky
  • Highball
  • Club Soda with a splash of Cranberry Juice