Ibérico Pork | Pluma Steak

Pluma Steak
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Meet the "Wagyu" of pork. The Meatery is proud to announce our newest addition to our luxury meats brand. Ibérico pork is high in Omega-9s, humanely raised, and from family-owned farms. This breed is raised crate free and lives twice as long as the industry standards. The taste is like no other with nutty notes of umami. Ibérico pork is known for being extremely tender and juicy and we recommended cooking to medium.

Pluma Steak

Cooking Tip:

Cook it quick with a simple marinade to enjoy this tender cut packed with flavorful marbling.

Pairs well with...

  • Refreshing wine like Chardonnay or Rosé
  • Aged whiskeys and rums
  • IPAs or American Pale Ales
  • Club Soda with Lime