Australian Wagyu | Korean-Style Chuck Short Ribs

Korean-Style Chuck Short Ribs MS 8-9 16oz
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Origin: Australia
Weight: 16oz
MS: 8-9
Quantity: 1 Pound


Dive into the realm of culinary decadence with our Australian Wagyu Short Rib. 🥩 This is not just any rib, it's the pinnacle of beefy delight, sourced directly from the pristine pastures of Australia. Every bite will tantalize your taste buds with its intricate marbling and unmatched juiciness.


A tribute to the rich traditions of Korean barbecue, these Wagyu Korean Short Ribs are flanked-cut to perfection. Crafted specifically for those with an exquisite taste, their mesmerizing marbling tells tales of flavor and tenderness that's hard to find elsewhere. Indeed, our Korean Wagyu stands as a testament to quality, passing The Meatery's rigorous taste tests with flying colors. 🌟


Commonly hailed as the Chuck Short Ribs, this part of the cow boasts meatiness paired with the lusciousness that comes with the exceptional MS 8-9 marbling. Often grilled to perfection in traditional Korean settings, the unique textures and flavors are best experienced when charred, letting the Wagyu Beef Short Ribs simply melt in your mouth.


Embrace this culinary journey, as we present to you the epitome of luxury dining, brought to life from the heart of Australia. Get ready to elevate your dining experience and don't miss out on these limited treasures. Order now! 🍽️🔥

Korean-Style Chuck Short Ribs

MS 8-9 16oz

Cooking Tip:

We love marinating these with Bachan Sauce or a similar Korean Bulgogi-style sauce and grilling them!

Pairs well with...

  • Full-Bodied wine such as a Shiraz or Bourdeaux
  • Japanese Whisky
  • Martinis
  • Old-Fashioned
  • Club Soda with Lime