Olive Fed NY - The Meatery
Olive Fed NY - The Meatery

Japanese A5 Wagyu | Sanuki Olive Wagyu | NY Strip I BMS 11 | 12oz

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Origin:    Japan
Prefecture: Kagawa
Weight:  12oz
BMS :     11
Quantity: 1x 12oz New York Strip

By now you know The Meatery's mission is to bring you the finest beef in the world. While this is a subjective decision and our motto is "the best is your best", there are certain types of Wagyu that do stand out amongst the crowd. 

If you're seeking an extravagant piece fit for kings, please consider this Olive-Fed Wagyu from the Kagawa (Sanuki) prefecture of Japan. The cattle are raised on a strict diet consisting of dehydrated and roasted olive mulch, giving it a nuttier taste with elevated oleic acid levels. 

All Japanese A5 Wagyu comes with a complete Certificate of Authenticity, including the nose print from the cattle that provided your meat.