Ibérico Pork | St. Louis Ribs

St. Louis Ribs
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Origin: Spain
Weight: Choose from 1.25 - 3.5lbs
Quantity: 1 rack of ribs

🍖 Dive into the world of luxury meats with our premium IbĂ©rico St. Louis Ribs. Often hailed as the "Wagyu" of the pork universe, these ribs represent the pinnacle of culinary excellence. Sourced exclusively from Spain, each rib encapsulates the rich heritage and flavor profile unique to the region.

IbĂ©rico pork is renowned worldwide, not just for its incredibly rich taste, but also for its health benefits. These ribs are notably high in Omega-9s, ensuring both deliciousness and nutrition go hand in hand. đŸ„©

Every bite you take is a testament to the impeccable standards we uphold. Our Ibérico Pork Ribs come from pigs that are humanely raised in family-owned farms. These privileged pigs live crate-free and enjoy life spans twice as long as the industry average, ensuring the meat you receive is from an animal that lived well.

So, where exactly does this cut come from? đŸ€” St. Louis Ribs are meticulously cut from the belly of the IbĂ©rico pig. This particular cut is recognized for its tenderness and marbling, delivering a lusciously juicy experience. Infused with delightful nutty notes of umami, the flavor profile of these Iberico ribs is unparalleled. Commonly cooked to a perfect medium, these ribs promise a meal that's unforgettable.

đŸ”„ Cooking tip: For an enhanced flavor, slow-cook or grill these ribs, allowing the fat to render and the meat to soak in all the delectable juices. Pair with your favorite sauce or simply season to let the natural flavors shine.

Secure your spot at the dining elite. Discover the world of IbĂ©rico Pork with The Meatery, and treat yourself to a symphony of flavors. 🍮 Order now and redefine your culinary experience!

St. Louis Ribs

Cooking Tip:

Easily cooked in the oven, a smoker, or our favorite - sous vide with a sear finish.

Pairs well with...

  • Refreshing wine like Chardonnay or RosĂ©
  • Aged whiskeys and rums
  • IPAs or American Pale Ales
  • Club Soda with Lime