Ibérico Pork | 4 Rib Rack

4 Rib Rack
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Origin: Spain
Weight: 1lb - 2.75lbs
Quantity: 1 rack of 4 ribs


Introducing our prime Ibérico 4 Rib Rack - hailed as the "Wagyu" of pork. 🍖 This isn't just any pork cut; this is the Ibérico pork rack. Harvested from the upper rib section of the swine, adjacent to the spine and close to the loin, this cut is celebrated for its impeccable marbling and tender meat. The position on the pig ensures it's beautifully tender, making it one of the most sought-after cuts for those in the know.


Every bite of our Ibérico pork rack offers a meltingly tender experience, layered with a nutty umami flavor that's truly unparalleled. It's the epitome of gastronomic luxury.


Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the cut itself. Sourced from family-owned farms, these pigs are raised crate-free, living a life that's twice the industry standard in terms of duration. 🐖 Such care and ethical farming practices are a testament to our brand's dedication to quality, humanity, and taste.


Rich in Omega-9s, and nurtured in a unique prefecture environment, each Ibérico pork product not only offers superior taste but also a story of commitment to ethical farming. And when you cook our Ibérico pork rack, we recommend a medium finish to truly savor its distinct flavors.


Elevate your culinary experience with the premium Ibérico 4 Rib Rack. Prepare for an unforgettable flavor journey. 🥂

4 Rib Rack

Cooking Tip:

Easily cooked in the oven, a smoker, or our favorite - sous vide with a sear finish.

Pairs well with...

  • Refreshing wine like Chardonnay or Rosé
  • Aged whiskeys and rums
  • IPAs or American Pale Ales
  • Club Soda with Lime