American Wagyu | Bone In Short Ribs

Bone In Short Ribs 4-5 lbs avg
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Origin:    United States
Weight:  4-5.5lbs
Quantity: 1 Rack (4 bones)
Attention BBQer's! Get the pit fired up, these ribs are ready for some smoke! If you've watched Nick's Instagram he has done quite a bit of testing trying to find the right fat content. It's no secret, short ribs can get really fatty (especially Japanese short ribs) and while some may love that, others prefer more balance.
We feel these American Wagyu Short Ribs do just that with a flavorful punch of marbling yet still beautifully beefy. 


Bone In Short Ribs

4-5 lbs avg

Cooking Tip:

Low and slow in a Smoker!

Pairs well with...

  • Full-Bodied wine such as a Shiraz or Bourdeaux
  • Japanese Whisky
  • Martinis
  • Old-Fashioned
  • Club Soda with Lime